I'm kat, from toronto: i think jake gyllenhaal is pretty great.


i’m finding it difficult to emotionally let go of this blog more difficult then it probably should be it’s like 2 in the morning so idk what i’m doing tomorrow i might just be back here again whatever man

Alright, I’ve had ENOUGH of all the clutteredness of this blog and all of the disorganization. I might still come on here from time to time but eh, I don’t know. I’m following SO MANY PEOPLE and it’s so CONFUSING. Too many to go on an unfollowing spree because it would take months.

I have over a thousand of you lovely followers and I love all of you and appreciate you all for following me, so thank you. You’ve all given me support when I was depressed and when I’m feeling miserable and having shitty days, so it means the world.

If you enjoy what I post and reblog, please click the link above and follow me on my new account, I would love to talk to all of you if you so wish, and I would greatly appreciate it, of course! Thank you and have a good rest of the night guys!



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The Magic School Bus:  The Movie Trailer [X]


This is the most AWESOME thing I’ve ever seen!

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#I never noticed this before #but in the fourth gif you can see natasha go into a fight stance #u go bby

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B I T C H - The Avengers


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Winchester logic

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So I mixed the original Gangnam Style with the Orchestral version and

i —

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cas in purgatory appreciation post.

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